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If you're trying to figure out if you are a Trip Diva, here are some questions that may help you decide:

  1. Would you rather have a designer passport cover than a designer handbag? Or would you just skip both and use the money to pay for a weekend getaway?
  2. Do you have more airline frequent flier miles than miles on your car? Or do you use your frequent flier miles too often to let them accumulate?
  3. Are you up on the current travel trends and hotspots? Or do you know them, but still prefer to go your own way?

So, what exactly elevates a woman traveler to Trip Diva status? Being a Trip Diva requires self-confidence, fearlessness without being foolish, and of course, a passion for travel.

To help you see the world through the eyes of one Trip Diva, use the navigation links on the left:

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  • Bookshelf: My take on travel books likely to appeal to other Trip Divas
  • Tips from the Diva: General travel advice not about a specific destination
  • Dishin' with the Diva: My travel blog with quick news bites, short tips and other travel-related thoughts
  • About the Diva: If you want to know who's behind the site
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